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FEUPTeam | M. R. Quintas, M. Teresa Restivo
Haptic design collaborator | Fernando Carneiro
do it yourself 1-DOF haptic

1-DOF Haptic Device Haptics are in the market since the 90's. They usually offer several degrees of freedom but imply high costs.
When haptics are used with VR and AR they allow the user to operate a system and sense it in terms of tactile, force and other proprioceptive feedbacks.
The "1-DOF DIY haptic" offers one degree of freedom (DOF) and provides force feedback, being used in several of the available VR experiments at FEUP and in the "Virtual Reality Laboratory".
And you can have the challenging task of building it!

Mechanical design
Assembly instructions
Assembly video

List of 3D Printed Parts
Parts file for printing (.stl)

Electronics design

Electronics - Cost: 50€ + VAT

Schematic and Electronic Component List

Video Demo
Example of haptic application

Haptic Available Colors

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