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FEUPTeam | Manuel R. Quintas, C. Silva,
M. Teresa Restivo, F. Chouzal
Engineer Developer | T. F. Andrade


LipoWise The technological solution of LipoWise comprises a new digital skinfold calliper Adipsmeter, an antenna AirPCOn for wireless communication with a computer and a software application LipoSoft with a friendly graphical interface, integrated database, pictorial skinfold location and embedded equations for determining body fat, guided equation selection, printable final report and exportable data to spreadsheet.

This system, that has been used in trial experiments within medical institutions, is planned to be integrated in our software platform for storage and historical data access, as well as multi-user online interaction in real-time.

LipoWise allows non-invasive assessment of the body fat in ageing to evaluate changes on body composition.



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National 2: Dispositivo para Medição de Espessura de Pregas Cutâneas, submitted to Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial, INPI nº 1051870, PT, Application Date: 2 07 2010, Grant Date: 02 10 2013

European: Device for measuring skinfold thickness, International Application nº: PCT/IB2010/055701, International Filing Date: 09 12 2010, pending

American: Device for measuring skinfold thickness, Application nº: 13807658, Application Date: 09 12 2010, Published: 16-05-2013, granted in December 2015.

1st Place - Award Fresenius Kabi "Nutrição Clínica", APNEP (2008)
1st Place - Award Fresenius Kabi "Nutrição Clínica", APNEP (2009)
Best Free Communication, APNEP (2009)
Nutrition Awards 2010 - Inovation, APN (2010)
FEUP Colheita '75 (2010)
40th Inventions of Geneva - Silver Medal (2012)
2nd Best Free Communication XIV APNEP Annual Congress (2012)
1st Place - Award Fresenius Kabi "Nutrição Clínica", APNEP (2013)